Hello and welcome .

Its always an interesting dilemma that talking about yourself bit , its so odd introducing yourself to people that you don’t know using text to describe yourself after all  its a one way conversation  not quite the same as meeting someone in person.

I could start with the traditional introduction of  : Jacqueline  spent most of childhood and  early adulthood moving  etc etc and shes always loved creating etc etc. But what does that tell you about me , after all many creatives would say the same. Its all about how we are wired up, the trying to fit people into a type or  category really doesn’t work , humans are complex by nature some of us are more visual, tactile stimulus whilst others are inspired by sound  the written word and tactile sensory etc. The main thing that we share in common is that its a way to express ourselves and we cant help it.

And then of course there’s the obligatory bit often writing in the 3rd person notion about inspiration and medium .

“My life  experiences  have shaped me and drive me to  find new inspiration from the world around me “  & “Jacqueline painterly works are created  using a range of materials including acrylic paint etc, photography , willow and wire

But what does that really say about me, actually its quite boring and it doesn’t say very much at all . What really matters to me is the joy and tribulations of creating, being involved in lots of different things.  I don’t fit into one category and actually  nobody does most artist/ creatives  are encourages to typecase themselves then doesn’t that make the world around us a bit boring.

So heres just  a little insight and to my world – I go through phases of focussing on one topic or way of working be it a material or topic and at other times I just love experimenting and creating work that inspire me. I’m one of those people who is  fascinated with the world around me,  be it  shape, texture,  colour, smell, the weatherm and places all provide inspiration, the difficulty is finding the time to respond to the challenge.  I love creating in large scale but lack of  space and practicality often limits me to small scale and I love sharing and spending time with others, I’m involved on lots of things but I also enjoy being on my own and I love exploring and having new experiences.

As well as my own  work I also love helping others to unlock their inner creative, working with willow is a part of me that I am happy to share with others if your interested in finding out more take a wander over to my sister website.

Take care and enjoy x J

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