Jacqueline  spent most of childhood and  early adulthood moving between the rural and coastal areas of   Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. She finally settled  in Southampton in 1995 with her partner and then young son,  where she finally felt at  home and found a  community to share her creative passions with.

Her early experiences of needing to adapt to new environments and people  has influenced her in many ways and fostered a desire to communicate and understand the world around her.

“My life  experiences  have shaped me and drive me to  find new inspiration from the world around me “.

The inspiration for her work stems from a fascination with pattern, shape, texture, colour,the natural world  and the  desire to capture a fleeting magical moment inviting you to explore further and often starts life as a simple line a pattern or a texture which then evolves.

“I love just seeing what happens,  immersing  myself  in the experience, responding to the moment allowing an idea to evolve and develop taking me on a journey. “

Jacqueline painterly works are created  using a range of materials including acrylic paint and pen, mixed media and pastels .

Her  photography focusses  on the desire to capture the fleeting moment, evoke a memory and invite  you to step into another space or time.

Her sculptural work enables her to express herself in different ways challenging her to find different ways of working with both natural and found materials .

Alongside her art work practise Jacqueline is also a experienced willow sculpture and community artists for further details visit her sister website http://www.jaxsarts.co.uk/willow/

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