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Willow sculptures

Working with willow to create sculptural work is a pleasure and a passion it connects me with the land.  I love the challenge that it brings.  I endeavor to create work that is individual and has a life of its own.

Until recently most of my works were shown at various art shows, exhibitions, and events.

Over the last few months with the restrictions that have been in place, I have now also been selling my sculptures online and once we are able to they will be available in galleries in Wickham near Fareham and Burley in the New Forest.

( further details to follow) 

I also create less detailed artworks some of which are available in my shop.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the artworks simply click on the photograph

A selection of my work

 Dragon willow sculpture by Jacqueline Rolls

I love fantasy and dragons are one of my favorite creatures. so I decided to make a dragon head

This is a picture of him in his new homechestnut willow sculpture by Jacqueline Rolls




The chestnut sculpture was created as a response to the Four Seasons open exhibition at Southampton Art Gallery 2018 It is made from a variety of willows. The work is available to purchase please contact me for further details.




Poppy willow sculpture made for remembrance at army flying museum

The very large  willow poppy was created as a  commission for the Army Flying Museum  for Remembrance Sunday 2020

I also created a large medal for them as well

teddy bear willows sculpture sitting on seat with sheepskin blanket


This teddy bear was created as a special commission as a  memorial piece for a  woodland burial

 pig willow sculpture created by jacqueline rolls







The willow pig is quite special and now lives with his new family






fantasy willow sculptures large bird

This fantasy bird is many-layered and created with various willows, he was an exciting challenge.








My willow hare is a bit of a character and loves exploring new places he is still looking for his forever home   





This willow stag head proudly stands on guard.

He is available to purchase

Willow owl sculpture








The willow owl was my first foray into creating a bird with metal feet,

He was purchased by a private collector he kept on walking past him in a gallery and couldn’t resist buying him

Picture or two willow penguins standing next to each other





Penguins are such interesting creatures so I decided to make two

They are available to purchase


Willow sheep sculpture





This willow sheep is now living at a community farm in Southampton

Moon gazing willow sculpture sitting in front of a window with garden behind






This moon gazing hare was created for the Southern Nature Art exhibition 2019 he has snapped up by a lovely family whose claim to fame is that they provide the boats for the first-year students in Hogwarts

low curlew sculpture standing by a pind





This curlew sculpture was created as a commission and now lives on a fruit farm in Kent







photo of Willow goose sculpture standing on a wooden plinth by Jacqueline Rolls

This Goose sculpture was created with a variety of willow for the  Southern Nature Art Exhibition, he is still looking for a new home 







This domestic goose went out for a walk now living with his new family he decided to give him a new identity as the doubtful guest,

if your interested in seeing him in his new guise click on the image.









This angler fish was created to take  with me to a music festival

Willow sculpture, mixed media artist