Exploring my creations responding to a jungle theme

 Developing on a initial inspiration and developing a theme

I am often asked about how I create my work so I thought that I would share some of my creative  processes. The inspiration for this series started life with a photograph of the undergrowth in my garden.

photograph of my jungle dreams painting created in acrylics using predominatly greens yellows reds blues and whote

Jungle dreams acrylics on canvas

For the  initial image I drew inspiration from the shapes and colors wishing to develop and enhance these to create a work that  inspired a imaginary magical world revealing  hidden characters within.

photograph of painting leaves designs imaginary landscape - penwork multicoloured

Leaves design colored line work

For this second piece I was inspired to create a work inspiration. I started the process by placing a transparent paper on the top of the painting I then drew around the shapes that appealed to me, I then replicated the section as a mirror image joining the sections together to create a new starting point for my next design.

photograph of my wilderness painting painted in coloured sections created in acrylic paint in white canvas

Wilderness imagined

For the final piece I was then inspired to use color to  place  further emphasis on different sections thus creating my leaves design.


Networking meeting up with other creatives/ keeping motivated

It is often easy to become isolated during the creative process and if your not careful this can lead to the old creative block.This is very much the case when much of your income is derived from your creative work.

Well I don’t know about you but I have definitely gone this one at different times… so how to overcome this….. always a difficult one as we all create in different ways …. I am someone who always has a different project on the go be it creating my own work or facilitating creativity in others . It is so easy to spend so much energy on projects that you just simply exhaust your self self preservation kicks in and well.

Ive tried many different ways to get the creative brain cells working again from starting a creative diary to taking a rest then spending some time as a arts tourist , visiting gallerys , reading a good book going to see some live bands etc …. do something totally different from paint balling to rock climbing and testing your comfort threshold …….

On the upside once this has happened and you have come out the other side you realise that the best thing to do is to factor in some relaxation time when your head is next immersed in a project and allow yourself to do something totally different every now and again.

My solution is not to fight it just except that we all need down times the other thought is that you are totally reliant in your artistic endeavor to earn a wage

Creative blocks and thoughts on overcoming them

Being creative by nature I have always been involved in lots of creative projects, so when the old creative block kicks it is often easy to put of dealing with this by immersing yourself in other creative activities instead.

Now I am not saying that this is always a bad thing that is of course unless you need to earn  a living totally from your art work, however one of the hardest things is to to get going again. So with that in mind I have decided to share some of the things that I have been doing to help me to get going again in the hope that it might help others who are facing the same problem .

Future posts Creating textural based art work

Abstract freestyle experimentation

For other blog entries linked to keeping diaries etc view

Freeing up your creativity diary s and on line courses

Freeing up your Creativity experimenting with abstract freestyle

Working on a community mural

Over the last six  weeks I have been working on a community mural project in Eastleigh Hampshire with the theme of the four seasons.

Working on a commission is always an interesting process the difference being that , in the case of a community project you have both the commissioner and the local community to work with which as you can imagine is a much more complicated task.

As with all such projects when you are creating a piece of work for a group of people  the  artist is challenged to create a design that is acceptable and  also that can  be created by other participants with the artist directing and facilitating the creative process. The balance is to keep the design  simple but also convey the desired theme.

I have to say that some parts are more my preference than others mainly because of the colors uses, I particularly enjoyed creating the line work for the trees and the summer meadow scene some of which has already inspired me to create further work of my own.The temptation to add more detail was great  however I feel that the simplicity of the design works well and the clients were very happy with the final works.

Each panel is made up of four sections with each whole panel  measuring 2.44 meters  in width by 1.5 meters in depth sections measuring

For further details including the panels being created visit www. jaxsarts.co.uk



Update re my art exhibition at Greyladies Art Centre


If you are reading this post because you  have attended this exhibition I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support and kind comments. Now into our 4th day I am glad to say that I have … Continue reading

Creating my second commissioned sea landscape

My Final version of the painting now hanging in the clients surgery


a photograph of my first version of my painting of


Bantham beach version 1

My second  commission was an interesting challenge for me as I had never created this kind of work before and I rarely work in a limited range of colors and usually would include colorful sky which he didn’t want. The client  wanted me to capture the flavor of the place linked to specific memories of his childhood.

a second version of my painting now including thurlesdon rock

This painting started life as a compilation of different images of an area called Bantham in Devon. An interesting challenge for me as I had never created this kind of work before and I rarely work in a limited range of colors and usually would include colorful sky which he didn’t want.


a abstract painting of Thurlestone Rock

Thurlestone rock side view


Linework leaves based theme experimenting with the image

painting leaves design linework

Leaves design colored line work

I often enjoy starting with a previous design and then pushing the design that bit further ,examples if this can be seen the following images.

Using the  jungle play painting as a starting point I created a section of the image tracing over the image, I then used pencil and pen to  mirror the sectioned area and then let my imagination fill in the gaps.

My second piece develops this idea  further  creating a new image that takes the work in a new direction . Both paintings can be viewed on my paintings page




Creating my jungle dreams

I love the idea of using a conventional image using my imagination to add a little something more , starting with a photograph that I took on a sunny day in my back garden. In this case I found myself including a mysterious character in the background. This can be seen further in my follow on line work design

Jungle dreams