Jacqueline Rolls is an eclectic mixed media artist and sculpture. Who works predominantly with natural and found materials and the occasional exploration  into other art forms

But she is mostly known for her unique willow sculpture creations that are so full of life.

I love experimenting and creating with willow and paint which can seem quite dissimilar mediums but have so much in common,  both involve following a line.

Her work can be viewed two Hampshire Art Gallery’s. Paul Dolmans Studios located in Burley in the New Forest and the Wild Art Gallery located in Wickham and her website.

In addition to this her work is often shown at a variety of  art gallery shows and group art  exhibitions.

Jacqueline was awarded a talent development grant with a-space arts, in the autumn of 2019 until spring 2020 which enabled her to spend time as the artist in residence at Furzey Gardens in the New Forest..

Unfortunately, the lockdown cut this time short and she has been unable to resume her work in the gardens. She is now exploring other options for the future

“It is strange how having our liberty taken away from us has affected us all in so many different ways and forces us to reflect on how we work. Bit by bit  I am now refocusing and exploring and spending time revisiting some of my passions, starting new projects and, and taking time out to develop my skills”.