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Willow sculptures

Working with willow to create sculptural work is a pleasure and a passion it connects me with the land.  I love the challenge that it brings.  I endeavor to create work that is individual and has a life of its own.

Until recently most of my works was shown at various art shows, exhibitions and events.

Over the last few months with the restrictions that have been in place, I have now also been selling my sculptures online. 

The majority of my sculptures are made totally from willow except for when metal is needed to give strength, for example, thin bird legs  I also provide a detachable base for some of the larger items so that the creature can stand independently when needed.

My current work that is available for sale can be seen through my shop, some shows are starting again so when we are able the details will be listed on the news and exhibitions page.

I am also passionate about sharing my love of working with willow with others and so I offer a variety of willow sculpture workshops to find out more please select the link in the task bar.

If you wish to see more detail and views of the sculptures please click on it 

Recent work 



I love fantasy and dragons are one of my favorite creatures. so I decided to make a dragon head

This is a picture of him in his new home .



willow poppy sculpture at army flying museum exhibition


The chestnut sculpture was created as a response to the Four Seasons.open exhibition at Southampton Art Gallery 2018

The work is available to purchase please contact me for further details


The willow poppy was created as a commission for the Army Flying Museum  for Remembrance Sunday 2020



Animals and birds

Here are just a few of my sculptures

willow pig viewed from front
Willow pig
Fantasy bird



The willow pig is quite special and now lives with his new family



Willow hare out for a walk




The fantasy bird is many-layered and was an interesting challenge he has metal legs and feet

He is displayed on this log but can easily stand in the ground

It is available for sale


Willow owl sculpture

Willow penguins





The willow hare  loves for going out for a walk and is  available for sale





The willow stag head was created to stand proudly on a plinth, it is possible to hang it on a wall.

It is available for sale and is currently on show at the Yellow Edge Gallery in Gosport ( December 20)




Willow sheep sculpture
Willow sheep

The willow owl was my first foray into creating a bird with metal feet,

He was purchased by a private collector.


Moon gazing hare sculpture





Penguins are such interesting creatures so I decided to make two

They stand on a metal cross base which can be exchanged for a metal pole on a slice of wood . They are available to purchase


This willow sheep is now living at a community farm in Southampton









This stunning Moon gazing hare is now living with his  new family who fell in love with him.








This curlew sculpture was created as a commission and is  now living   on a farm in Kent




Willow goose sculpture by Jacqueline Rolls



Goose sculpture created with a variety of willow

Available to purchase







This domestic goose went out for a walk now living with his new family he decided to give him a new identity as the doubtful guest












This angler fish was created to take  with me to a music festival