Animal willow sculpture

l enjoy creating animals of all kinds each has its own unique character and traits. I am currently creating mostly animals that live in the U.K  and I am going to venture further soon.  I am not able to create  large animals to show as I do not have the room to store them and I am to create different types to order.

All of the sculptors shown here are made totally of willow If I made them larger I would need to incorporate a wooden or metal frame to give them longevity

 pig willow sculpture created by jacqueline rolls The willow pig is quite special and now lives with his new family

 I love creating hares if you are interested in finding out more about this lovely hare and friends follow the image link

My willow pine marten is so adorable , I decided to create a range of small creatures and she was my first choice she is looking for a new home and you will find her at  Paul Dolmans Studios in Burley in the New Forest

honey bee willow sculpture in meadow with daisy's , it has metal wire wings it is on a metal pole so that it can move kin the breeze

The willow bee sculptures are great fun and can either be placed on steel poles to move in the breeze or made with metal legs to stand on their own

This willow stag head proudly stands on guard.

He is available to purchase

This willow stag head has gone to his new home in the New Forest

I have another larger hanging stag head on show at the Wild Art Gallery in Wickham if you are interested in seeing one in the flesh

Willow sheep sculpture

This willow sheep is now living at a community farm in Southampton

Moon gazing willow sculpture sitting in front of a window with garden behind

This willow donkey was created over 3 years ago was one of the first 4 legged creatures that I have made I decided to keep him and test him to see how long he would last outside without any treatment  for find out more click on him for more details